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Court Tours Program

The Ventura County Bar Association (VCBA) docent Tour Program reaches approximately 5,000 students each year and conducts special tours for seniors, special groups and non-profit organizations. Extensive tours of the Ventura County Hall of Justice located in Ventura  provide an opportunity for visitors to:

• Observe an actual trial in progress
• Speak with judges, commissioners, attorneys or other court personnel on a one to one basis; and
• Participate in a mock trial


The docent court program offers tours at Ventura County’s Courthouses. Tours at the Hall of Justice in Ventura are approximately 2-1/2 hours. They begin at 10:30 a.m. and end at 1 p.m.  Docents explain the various wings of the buildings and personnel who staff each of the facilities. Participants learn jury process after which they witness courtroom activity first hand, before taking part in a mock trial and viewing a video on the Juvenile Justice Facility.

Juvenile Justice Center Video


The docent court Tour Program provides individuals with the opportunity for volunteer community service by offering:

• Interaction on an individual basis with students and other visitors throughout Ventura County.
• An opportunity to promote a better understanding of the judicial system and its application in Ventura.
• The chance to make a difference in the life of a youth.

Contact Brenda Bodie: (805) 390-4035

Court Tours Video