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Online Referral Request Form

VCBA can assist you in finding a lawyer for your specific legal problem. Here’s why you can trust our lawyer referral service.

  • We are certified by the State Bar of California (certification #059) and the only certified lawyer referral service in Ventura County
  • Intake staff determines your area of legal need and refers you to an attorney in that practice area
  • Our lawyers are active members in good standing with the State Bar of California
  • Our lawyers must meet minimum experience requirements
  • Our lawyers must carry malpractice insurance
  • We have over 97 lawyers available with experience in more than 20 areas of the law

Referral Process

1.  Call for a referral at (805) 650-7599, or complete the on line request form on this page.
2.  Intake staff will review your legal problem with you to determine what type of attorney or other service you need.
3.  Intake staff will schedule an appointment for you with a qualified attorney for a 30 minute consultation.
* Intake staff CANNOT give legal advice.
4.  There is an administrative referral fee of $35 payable up-front (credit card or money order).
5.  Keep the scheduled appointment with the attorney.

*The client is not obligated to hire the lawyer for services beyond the initial 30-minute consultation, nor is the lawyer required to accept the case.  In fact, the problem may be resolved within the initial half-hour consultation. However, if the problem is serious enough to require additional services, and the client decides to hire the lawyer for further services, specific arrangements are to be negotiated directly between the client and the lawyer.