A good man passes. Ronald H. Gill died peacefully in Nashville, Tennessee on Jan. 12. He was a partner in the law firm Nordman Cormany Hair & Compton for 45 years until his retirement in 2006. There was a memorial service Jan. 22 and there will be an additional celebration held in Ventura in March. A life-long Dodgers fan and martini aficionado, he was an avid tennis player, golfer and musician…The Ventura County Trial Lawyers have elected a new slate of officers and directors for 2017. Brett Templeman, President; Marc Anderson, Immediate Past President; Erik Feingold, Vice President and President Elect; Christina Vanarelli, Treasurer; Richard Bredlau, Secretary; and Directors Deirdre Frank, Susan McCarthy, Greg Johnson, Rob Miller, Kerry Kinney, Danielle Everson, Randy Wells and Kevin Flahavan

Apologies to Andrew (Andy) Covner whose name was inadvertently omitted from an inserted flyer in our January CITATIONS issue giving thanks to those lawyers who took fee arbitration cases voluntarily as one of our public services. Thanks Andy, and see you at the next Inn of Court meeting February 9…For a compelling, spooky, unsightly and critical analysis of the State Bar of California, view a column penned by Dan Walters for the Sacramento Bee Jan. 8…Thanks to Richard Walton for this one – There are all kinds professions, including teachers, farmers, auto dealers, photographers and chefs among the men and women serving in the Kansas Senate. What is lacking, though, is a lawyer. The absence of an attorney in the 40-member Senate is unprecedented. An obscure statute requires that the body have at least one attorney. So, Sen. Jeff Longbine, owner of a Chevy-Buick dealership, has an answer to the dilemma. Easy-peasy: Introduce legislation to repeal the statute…

Attorneys Ashley Blaser (State Bar number is 309679) and Sara J. McLemen have joined the Law Offices of David A. Esquibias

From the JDJournal Dec. 22, 2016, “Top 10 Craziest Law Suits This Year”: Starbucks tops the list facing two class action suits for being too extra. In one lawsuit, the coffeemakers allegedly gave too much ice. In another lawsuit, they allegedly whipped up too much foam. Luckily, the ice lawsuit was tossed; the steam one is still up in the air…CunninghamLegal acquired the practice of the late James Spencer as well as the practice of George Berninger. Stephen Wood at 484.2769 or stephen@ cunninghamlegal.com

MCLE CONFUSION DEMYSTIFIED 101. For those attorneys out there in Compliance Group 3 (N-Z), the State Bar of California has extended the reporting and compliance time through the end of February rather than January. Meaning you send your compliance card in by March 1, 2017, and you may take CLE courses through the month of February…

The JetBlue passenger who confronted Ivanka Trump on a flight is a Jewish lawyer from Brooklyn who was traveling with his husband and child. “Your father is ruining the county,” lawyer Daniel Jennings Goldstein snapped at the future first daughter as he boarded the morning flight at JFK International Airport. Accounts vary, but JetBlue had the three scoundrels depart…AND now that you may all accumulate CLE in February, check out our calendar flyer in this edition and the CLE offerings Feb. 8, 9, 15, 22, 23 and 28th.

And finally, Judge Romero seeks volunteer judges and scorers for the Ventura County Mock Trial Competition set for later this month: 2/27-3/2. Contact 289.8714.

Steve Henderson has been the executive director and chief executive officer of the bar association and its affiliated organizations since 1990. He will be spending Super Bowl 51 cheering for the Patriots and sharing Valentine’s Day with Gisele Bundchun, Natalie Portman, Scarlet Johansson and Betty White. Henderson may be reached at steve@ vcba.org, FB, Twitter at steve_hendo1, LinkedIn, Instagram at steve_hendo, Snapchat at iamhendo1, or better yet, 650.7599

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