During his annual presentation to our section in 2015, Judge Glen Reiser “encouraged” (and we all know what it means when a judicial officer “encourages” something) our section to review the Local Rules for major revisions and updates. The board for your Estate Planning and Probate Section heeded Judge Reiser’s call and began an extensive review and overhaul of our local probate rules. It was not a quick or easy process.

The new local rules (Chapter 10 of the Ventura County Superior Court Local Rules) have finally been approved by the court and will be in effect beginning Jan. 3, 2017. More information can be found on the court’s website at www.ventura.courts.ca.gov.

 Amber Rodriguez is the Chair of the executive Committee for the Estate Planning the VCBA. Her practice focuses on probate and trust litigation and administration, estate planning and conservatorships. She can be reached at arodriguez@estateattorneycalifornia.com, or you can visit her website at estateattorneycalifornia.com.

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