Volunteer Lawyer Services Program/Pro Bono

VLSP needs attorney volunteers to provide pro bono legal services to low-income individuals and families!  On average, about 55 attorneys accept a pro-bono case per year in Ventura County.  In a county of over 850,000 people, the need for legal services is great, and increases every year.

VLSP Highlights:

  • Founded in 1996 by VCBA President David L. Shain and Pro Bono Committee Chair J. Roger Myers.
  • All-volunteer staff of lawyers and representatives of the legal community have handled over 10,500 calls from low-income individuals and families requesting advice, referral, consultation or representation.
  • After screening of their case and income eligibility, callers are routed to an Emeritus Attorney, who determines merit of case, and locates a volunteer attorney to consult or represent the applicant.
  • VLSP Emeritus Attorneys awarded 2002 California State Bar President’s  Distinguished Pro Bono Service Award, in recognition of their commitment to provide or enable the direct provision of legal services to the poor in Ventura County.

 Advisory Board

David L. Shain, Chair
Gregory W. Bose
Lee Hess
Miles Lang
Hon. Kevin McGee
Daniel J. Palay
Hon. Steven Z. Perren
Ronald K. Perry
Richard S. Rabbin
M. Carmen Ramirez
Tina L. Rasnow
Susuan H. Ratzkin
Jodi L. Prior
Michael A. Rodriguez

Emeritus Attorneys

Raymond Clayton
Gerald Cline
Howard Evans
Donald Greenberg
Verna Kagan
Bill Koepcke
Byron Lawler
Earl Price
Tina Rasnow
Fred Tschopp
Carolyn Tulberg
Pauline Zebker