Letters to the Editor More on Bill Clark, By Lindsay Nielson

Some more background on Bill Clark (See CITATIONS January, 2014). Kay Haley of Ventura was a good friend of Ronald Reagan. He would use her horse, Mr. Spats, when he road with the Rancheros Vistadores. When Reagan wanted to run for governor, he asked Mrs. Haley to be his Ventura County campaign manager, but she suggested Bill Clark, a young attorney in Oxnard. Bill was very smart. He said “OK,” so long as Mrs. Haley remained on as the finance chairman.

Later, when Clark was a justice in the Rose Bird Supreme Court (the only conservative on that very liberal court), and Reagan was back in Washington, he got a call from the President to come to Washington. Once again he consulted Kay Haley. “Go!” she said. Forget about being on the Supreme Court, his was a voice in the wilderness on that Court. He did go to Washington and ultimately became the national security advisor to the President.

I met Bill Clark a number of times over the years including the last time when we both delivered eulogies at Kay Haley’s funeral. He was the real deal and one of the most remarkable people you could ever meet.



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