BARRISTER’S CORNER, by Rachel Coleman

The monthly Barristers Board meeting Nov. 5 featured nominations for the slate of officers and members at large (board members) for the upcoming year. Nominations for officers included the following: Rachel Coleman – President; Thomas Adams – Vice President; Melanie Ely – Secretary; and Andrew Ellison – Treasurer. These individuals were nominated members at large: Past-President Rennee Dehesa; Robert Krimmer; Joshua Hopstone; Lauren Sims; Katherine Hause; Amy Dilbeck Kiesewetter; and Brier Miron.

If you are a member of the Bar and 36 years old or younger, or if you have been practicing for less than seven years, and would like to either be a member at large or run for an officer position, please come to our next Barristers meeting on December 3 or January 7. Meetings take place at 12 pm at the Ventura County Bar Association office, which is located at 4475 Market St., Suite B, in Ventura. If you do not wish to be an officer or member at large, Barrister events (except for Judges’ Pizza Night) are open to all attorneys. Please join our Facebook page (Ventura County Barristers) or contact Rachel Coleman at rachel@davidlehrlaw to be added to our mailing list for upcoming events.

Rachel Coleman is an associate at the Law Offices of David Lehr in Ventura.

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