A unique pilot program between the Ventura County Lawyer Referral and Information Service (“LRIS”) and the  Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce brings new opportunities to local attorneys and business owners. Steven Lehat spearheaded this stimulating program to create a bridge between the needs of local business owners and to generate attorney referrals.

The program provides chamber members referrals to local attorneys through the “Affinity Program,” a win-win for business owners and attorneys. Many business owners do not consult with an attorney until there is a problem. The program allows business owners to develop relationships with attorneys to seek guidance throughout the growth of their businesses. Attorneys will also gain the ability to mingle with Chamber members at monthly events such as “Jump Start Networking Breakfasts,” “Lunch and Learn” and “Networking at Night Mixers.”

To receive referrals from Chamber members, attorneys must be a member of the LRIS. Next, attorneys should contact Nadia Avila at the VCBA at (805)650-7599 and obtain the application for the Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce Pilot Program. Once enrolled, attorneys will be eligible to receive referrals from Chamber members. In exchange, attorneys should be committed to giving a discount to Chamber members on a caseby-case basis so that everyone is comfortable based upon their own area of practice and type of legal expertise required.

Attorneys enrolled in the pilot program will also have access to specific programs targeted at the business aspect of building and running a law practice. Each quarter will bring a different state of the art program focused on assisting law firms to function as a business. Attorneys will also have the opportunity to make thirty minute presentations directly to Chamber members at “Lunch and Learn” events based on each attorney’s area of expertise. Participating in this unprecedented program will create great opportunities for attorneys not only to obtain new clients, but also to build relationships within the local business community as more than just an attorney, but a long-term trusted advisor.

Rachel Coleman is an associate attorney at David Lehr Law, where she handles criminal and juvenile matters. She is a member of the CITATIONS editorial board.

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