With Twinkies hitting the store shelves again, we are reminded that some great things can make a comeback.

In the not so distant past, the Ventura County Bar Association had a Solo/Small Firms Section that served several members. While the section has been dormant recently, it is primed for a comeback and will assume its role in benefitting practitioners in the solo and small firm arena.

Much like other bar sections, the Solo/Small Firm Section aims to help practitioners network and develop relationships with other section attorneys and with the hope that certain skills and knowledge will be shared back and forth. This will not only help us develop strong personal relationships within the legal community, but it will also enhance our ability to more competently serve the community at large (including our clients).

In addition, the section will offer CLE opportunities, with the focus of improving the practitioner’s awareness of ethical issues, legal developments and practical practice management skills, while fulfilling State Bar CLE requirements.

We also hope to use our talents to help the community and will attempt to organize opportunities to serve and uplift those individuals within the county.

The deconstruction of the “big law” model over the last five years has prompted many  of us to either downsize to small or boutique firms, or even, as in my case, hang out that shingle and take a crack at being a solo practitioner. This influx has added to the number of already established solo practitioners and small firms that have years of experience and models that work.

Opportunities are more abundant now than ever to connect with practitioners who are similar to you. The Solo/Small Firm Section not only allows for these connections, but can also offer more opportunities to share experiences, information, and business for solo practitioners and small firms alike.

We are looking for attorneys to both join the Solo/Small Firm Section and serve on its planning committee. Whether you are a new attorney or one that has been around awhile, you can both contribute to and benefit  from the Solo/Small Firm Section. Please consider joining our section (it’s free!), becoming a member of the planning committee, and participating in our quarterly events. Help us bring back this great resource and let’s get together to laugh, learn and connect with one another.

If you are interested in joining the Solo/Small Firm Section, please email Adam Pollock at or call (818)991-7760 ext. 3.

Adam Pollock was raised in Ventura County and now lives in the area with his wife and twin boys. He is the owner of and sole attorney with the Pollock Law Firm, located in Westlake Village. He is a lifelong Manchester United supporter and an avid California history connoisseur.

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