Fierce competition at Barristers’ Trivia Night May 16th provided the perfect setting for a battle of the brains.

Try these actual questions from Trivia Night and see if you are able to better the average score of 50%.

What is the name of a 9 sided polygon?

What types of words are madam, civic, eye, and level?

What American diversion did the London Times label a “menace” in 1924 for “making devastating inroads on the working hours of every rank of society”?

Name the movie with this quote, “You make me want to be a better man”. Bonus point if you can name the actor that said it!

Michael Jordan owns what NBA team?

Harlow and Sparrow are the names of which celebrities’ two children?

Please make plans to join us for our next Trivia Night! Answers found on Page 17.


Amy Dilbeck Kiesewetter recently got married and now her last name takes a lot more remembering. She works with the Strauss’ in the Bard Hospital building. She focuses mostly on estate planning and probate but can sometimes be found in other places. She lives in Santa Paula. Her top achievement this week is being published in Citations Magazine.

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