On December 4, 2012, I was officially sworn in as a member of the State Bar of California. I, along with my parents and around 20 other inductees and their families, gathered together in Courtroom 22 at the Superior Court of Ventura County. Justice Arthur Gilbert of the California Court of Appeal and Judge Brian Back of the Ventura Superior Court presided over the ceremony. They entertained us with humorous anecdotes and thoughtful advice as they welcomed us to “this noble profession.”

Before we took the oath, the inductees were encouraged to state our names, where we were from, and which law school we attended. I was surprised by the diversity of such a small group. While many of the inductees attended law school in California, several attended schools in other states; there were even two inductees from Europe. The inductees also got the chance to acknowledge individuals who had helped them during the difficult process that eventually led to this ceremony. I could see audience members beaming as their child, significant other, or friend offered thanks for all of the patience and support throughout law school and bar exam study.

After introductions, other members of the legal community spoke, giving us advice and encouraging us to become involved in the local bar associations. The last of these was a representative from the State Bar who joked that we “didn’t need to be afraid of the State Bar anymore.” After Judge Back administered the oath, we, the newly-inducted lawyers, met with our proud families to take pictures and share in conversation.

My swearing-in ceremony was certainly a day I will never forget. Not only was it the culmination of years of difficult study, it was also the beginning of my career as a lawyer. I am so glad I was able to take this first step in my career in my hometown of Ventura County.

Britany Folsom graduated from the Hastings College of Law in 2012. She lives in Thousand Oaks and   hopes to practice law in Ventura County.

The new attorneys sworn in with Britany Folsom were:

  • William McKenna
  • Kristin Leefers
  • Mitch Neumeister
  • Jonathan Geiger
  • Natasha Bhushan
  • John Taylor
  • Katherine Lee
  • Michael D. Peterson
  • Richard Mitchell
  • Ilissa Mira
  • Houhanes Tatevossian
  • Beatriz Chen
  • Alexander Yarbrough
  • Omolara Akinlude
  • John Peter Rose
  • Christina Fialho
  • Edie Beau de Paris
  • Timothy Boone
  • David Jenewesh
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