Exec’s Dot…Dot…Dot…By Steve Henderson, Executive Director, M.A., CAE

 Please make every effort to attend the bar’s Annual Installation and Awards Dinner scheduled for Saturday evening, November 17, beginning at 6 p.m. at the Westlake Hyatt Hotel. We will be honoring John Orr, Harveen Simpkins, and Leslie McAdam for their voluntary efforts in our community. All proceeds benefit the bar association and the Volunteer Legal Services Project, Inc., so contact Nadia Avila at 650.7599 or bar@vcba.org to register asap…Hangover Heaven, a Las Vegas-based bus service equipped with nurses and intravenous medications, promises to take you from a “semiconscious, porcelain-hugging, hit-bya- truck hangover to feeling like you’re ready to take on the world,” says Dr. Jason Burke, a licensed anesthesiologist. For $99, you board the bus, cruise the strip and get plied with IV fluids and anti-nausea drugs. For another $100, the “Rapture” package includes heartburn meds, oxygen and a “super B shot.”…License Plate of the Month: CNZ ESQ on a Grand Marquis LS and driven by Connie Zarkowski

Vancouver? Richard Hanawalt at 642.0179 or attorneyhanawalt@sbcglobal.net…Pennsylvania’s Court of Judicial Discipline says a Philadelphia traffic court judge brought his judicial office into disrepute when he showed photos of his genitals to a government contractor. The court found that the mens rea requirement was established when Judge Willie Singletary displayed two pictures of his privates. Singletary claimed he had completely forgotten about the pictures and he unintentionally displayed them. “We think that the public – even those members of the public who register the lowest scores on the sensitivity index – do not expect their judges to be conducting photo sessions featuring the judicial penis,” the opinion said. Singletary resigned after opinion said. Singletary resigned after he was suspended from his judicial duties. This isn’t the first time Singletary has run afoul of disciplinary authorities. In 2009, he was reprimanded for suggesting at a biker rally that those who donated to his judicial campaign would get favorable treatment from him once he was elected… Mike and Jenna Strauss are a mom and dad for a second time with the birth of Henry Michael October 5 at 12:02 a.m. Mom and dad are fine and first-born Miles gave his ultimate approval (which was not a foregone conclusion), when he said Henry can go into the castle…The Barristers are providing free legal assistance to the RAIN organization November 14 beginning at 7:00 p.m. If you are a Barrister and want to assist, contact Matt Purcell at 987.8809 or mattpurcell@hotmail.com

Panda Kroll, noted CITATIONS contributor, had an article published October 2 in the Los Angeles Daily Journal. “Fixing Fixers: Lawyers as Professional Coaches.”…Carl Funk, 58, toldBroward County,Fla., judge John Hurley (on a video feed from jail to a courtroom) that he is innocent of the seven-year-old charges (trespassing and open-alcoholiccontainer counts) and that, besides, he is now wheelchair-bound in pathetic medical condition and should be allowed to go home. The judge was skeptical, but finally, he offered to fine Funk only $50 on the charges, and Funk agreed to plead guilty. “Good luck, Funk,” said Judge Hurley. At that point, Funk rose from his wheelchair and quickly walked away. Wrote the Sun-Sentinel: “Raising both hands, Judge Hurley declared, “He’s been cured.”… Because of the holidays, the Probate and Estate Planning Section will hold their monthly luncheon on November 15 beginning at noontime inside the Wedgewood Banquet Facility. Watch for the promotional brochure contained inside this edition or register with Nadia Avila at 650.7599 or bar@vcba.org

Leslie McAdam and Meghan Clark won awards for their paintings at the 60th Annual Meeting of the State Bar held inMonterey. Leslie brought home a third place and an honorable mention while Meghan’s honorable mention hangs on her office wall… ANew Orleans attorney was cited for marijuana possession after a joint tumbled out of his pocket in front of police. Police say Jason Cantrell, who has a private practice but also serves as a part-time assistant city attorney, was in the magistrate section of criminal court chatting with police officers when a joint fell out of his pocket and onto the floor. Cantrell, 43, was a first-time offender and was cited, and issued a summons to appear in court for simple possession. Cantrell’s wife, LaToya, is a candidate for a district seat on the City Council. “I absolutely do not condone his actions.”…

New York State’s chief judge, Jonathan Lippman, is moving ahead with his groundbreaking rule requiring law students to perform 50 hours of pro bono legal services as a condition of admission to the state bar…Be very careful out there. On October 3, the State Bar announced that it has filed disciplinary charges against attorneys as a result of stepped-up enforcement of Minimum Continuing Legal Education requirements. The attorneys falsely reported to the bar that they had fulfilled the requirement to complete 25 hours of MCLE. A total of 27 lawyers were referred to the Office of Chief Trial Counsel as a result of last year’s random audit of 635 lawyers… 

Arnold Gross is now hanging his hat at Wilshire Law Firm in downtown LA. He may be reached at  213.381.9988 or arnold@wilshirelawfirm.com… In 20 years on the bench, a Washington state judge says, he’s never used a court summons and threat of criminal prosecution to deal with jury service scofflaws. But he’s doing so now, Okanogan County Superior Court Judge Jack Burchard tells the Wenatchee World, because so many residents feel free to ignore calls to appear for jury duty. Of 240 individuals who received notices to show for service in September, 100 failed to appear…Jesse Cahill made partner at FCOP some months ago… 

Steve Henderson has been the executive director and chief executive officer of the bar association and its affiliated organizations since November 1990. He will be celebrating his 10 years of service November 16 by debating Alex Rodriguez on ESPN. Henderson may be reached at steve@vcba.org, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter at @stevehendo1 or @vcba1, or better yet, 650.7599.

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Steve Henderson has been the executive director and chief executive office of the bar association and its affiliated organizations since November 1990. His 40th birthday is the 20th of the month and he will be vacationing this month with Rep. Todd Akin. BD gifts may be made payable to vcba/vlsp, inc. or small quantities of Red Stripe or Tecate. Henderson may be reached at steve@vcba.org, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter at stevehendo1or vcba1, or better yet, 650.7599.