By Amber Rodriguez

 Some of you may have noticed yet another fee added to the cost of some court filings made inVenturaCounty.  Pursuant to Government Code section 68086, Ventura County Superior Court has recently added a new $30 administrative fee for civil hearings under one hour in length. This new fee is meant to help pay for the service of court reporters. The fee will be charged at the time of filing any document which requires a hearing under one hour. “Civil hearings” subject to this new fee include all hearings on the regular Probate and Conservatorship calendars.

 In addition, there is now a $50 fee for the lodging of any Will with the Ventura County Superior Court.  With all of the ongoing budget issues for state and local governments, additional charges may soon be added. Information about these and other changes can be found on the court’s website at  

 Amber Rodriguez is the Chair of the Executive Committee for the Estate Planning and Probate section of the   VCBA. Her practice focuses on Probate and Trust Litigation and Administration, Estate Planning and Conservatorships. She can be reached at

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