LETTER TO THE EDITOR: “It’s No Coincidence That Man’s Best Friend Cannot Talk”

Dear Editor:

While perusing the May, 2012 edition of CITATIONS my ears perked up when I read my name in Mr. Robert McMurray’s confessional article on animal rights. It would appear that poor Mr. McMurray has been shamed, bullied and intimidated into professing solidarity with the maniacs in the animal rights movement. I am sensitive to Mr. McMurray’s intellectual and emotional capitulation. Bearing the brunt of the illogical and hysterical condemnation and opprobrium of the claws and fangs crowd has caused Mr. McMurray to sacrifice his ideals, intellectual integrity and even sanity in order to avoid the pain of being ostracized from the hallowed halls of the Inns of Court. I feel his pain. Aside from Mr. McMurray’s ill-considered mating proclivities described in his article, his legal instincts were absolutely right on. Essentially, animals are property, except for those sneaking around in the woods that you can’t catch while ferae naturae. Unfortunately, the concept of “property rights” in our society seems to have slowly eroded to a wispy and long forgotten myth. The whole concept of a property or possessory right in anything has now completely lost favor in our culture. It wasn’t all that long ago that women were considered chattel or, in other words, a property right. With all property rights there comes a certain amount of responsibilities. But apparently the property in question was uncomfortable with that arrangement.

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