By Amy R. Dilbeck

The Barristers hosted their first Trivia Night at Garman’s Pub in Santa Paulain June, raising $400 for the Volunteer Lawyer Services Program, and stumping some of the best and brightest attorneys in town, including a prime selection of local judges in the team affectionately named “Judicial Counsel.” Participation was exuberant, and facial expressions were priceless. These brainy attorneys battled it out for four rounds of ten questions each. John and Sue Mathews and Tony and Kathy Trembley, the dynamic foursome known as the “Steelheads,” were declared the victors, earning a score of 20 questions answered correctly out of the 40 asked. Think you could have done better? See if you can answer the following actual questions from Trivia Night:

1. Which military rank does James Bond hold?

2. This item is made from thermoplastic paper and the manila hemp used to make rope and is designed to withstand boiling water, what is it?

3. John Jay, John Marshall, Roger B.Taney, and Salmon P. Chase were all chief justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. What other distinction did they share?

*Answers in the 2012 August issue of CITATIONS – Page 6*

The next Trivia Night is tentatively scheduled for October, so make sure to mark your calendars, and start watching more Alex Trebek!

Amy Dilbeck is an associate at the Strauss Law Group inVentura, handling estate planning.

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