Bill Slaughter – Attorney and Captain of the Upper Ojai Search and Rescue Team

Bill Slaughter, a civil litigator and managing partner of Slaughter & Reagan LLP in Ventura, is an attorney with a life outside the law. In his other life, Bill is not only a devoted family man, but the captain of the Upper Ojai Search and Rescue Team.

Being on the search and rescue team was a natural evolution. Bill grew up in Santa Paula. During his high school years, Bill and his friends headed into the back country every weekend, exploring the local mountains and wilderness areas. This was the beginning of his lifelong passion for the outdoors. During a search for a friend, who fell to his death climbing a water fall in Santa Paula Canyon, Bill first saw the Upper Ojai Search and Rescue in action. It left a lasting impression.

After graduating from law school, Bill moved back to Ventura County in the early 1980s and settled in Upper Ojai. He began to practice law with Bill Fairfield in Ventura. Bill wanted to spend time outdoors and serve the community. By joining the Upper Ojai Search and Rescue Team in 1986, he combined both. When the longtime Captain Carl Hoffmeister retired about ten years ago, Bill’s Upper Ojai Search and Rescue Team members elected him to become their leader. According to Bill, “It was a great vote of confidence and trust in my abilities to be chosen as Captain by my fellow team members.”

The Upper Ojai Search and Rescue team is a volunteer organization that is governed by Ventura County Sheriff ’s Department. Bill’s mountain rescue team is one of six Search and Rescue teams throughout Ventura County. It has 30 volunteers, male and female, and includes members with varied occupations, such as optometrists, tree trimmers, contractors and local business owners.

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