By Amber Rodriguez

In February, the Estate Planning and Probate Section of the Ventura County Bar Association was fortunate to have Judge Glen M. Reiser, presiding probate judge, present a State of the Probate Court address. The presentation was not only amusing, but very informative for the standing-room-only crowd. Following the presentation, I was contacted by numerous VCBA members who, having heard about Judge Reiser’s information-packed presentation, asked if we could prepare a summary for those who were unable to join us. Judge Reiser has been kind enough to work with me to put together this summary for you:

CRC 7.575: Reporting Requirements for Standard versus Simplified Accountings Although these requirements have not been consistently enforced in the past, the court feels it is necessary and appropriate to have all accountings, from here forward, conform with the requirements of this Rule. If you have an accounting pending hearing, please review your accounting carefully to make sure a supplement is not required to meet CRC 7.575.

CRC 2.104 The court reminded us that all papers must be printed or typewritten or be prepared by a photocopying or other duplication process that will produce clear and permanent copies equally as legible as printing in type not smaller than 12 points. This includes accountings.

Conservatorship File Reviews Judge Reiser actually reads the files and does not rely primarily on the research attorney or investigator’s report to make his decision in these matters. Please be certain to file  all necessary documents and review those documents carefully to help minimize the need for continuances.

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Amber Rodriguez is the current chair of the executive committee for the Estate Planning and Probate Section of the Ventura County Bar Association. Her practice focuses on probate and trust litigation and administration, conservatorships and estate planning.  You can reach Amber at arodriguez@estateattorneycalifornia.com

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