Dear Editor:


Please be aware that there has been a recent surge of email scams directed at attorneys. I have received at least ten in the last two months and many more in the past year. Luckily, I was able to avoid these scams. As an example, I received one of these emails last week, and a follow-up today that were very convincing. They purported to be from Mazco Medical Healthcare for a case against Lincare Holdings. Both turn out to be real companies, but the case is fictitious. I found a fraud alert from a Canadian fraud blog. You can find the alert here: https://avoidaclaim.com/?p=3025  In my case, they tailored the email to indicate that the target company was based in Moorpark. These are not simple bot emails spamming attorneys found on the Internet. They are spending some time crafting details that could be convincing to local attorneys.

Please be careful as these scams can create great liability issues for attorneys and have already done so.  Do you know if the State Bar or any other organization maintains any database regarding these scams to help attorneys ferret them out? If not, do you think it would be advisable and manageable for the Ventura County Bar Association to begin keeping such a database and posting them on the VCBA website? If so, I would be interested in helping organize and lead such an effort. These emails and phone calls are becoming a big problem in our community and could lead to serious problems for VCBA members.

Joshua A. Burt has a solo practice in Ventura. He advises clients about intellectual property and employment and handles civil litigation, including personal injury.

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