More Thoughts on Coffee

Dear Editor,
Paul Coffee [see Feb. 2012 cover story] is still a very active member of the American Board of Trial Advocates and attends most every meeting. Despite the fact that he’s an appellate justice, he is still a very down-toearth guy and is always willing to share some of his war stories about his various trials, some of which he won, some of which he did not. Members of the Ventura County Trial Lawyers Association also appreciate his attendance at their meetings. I have a lot of respect for Justice Coffee even though he was a brown shoe in the Navy and I was a black shoe.

Alan R. Templeman, Lowthrop, Richards,
McMillan, Miller & Templeman

Presidents in Passing

At the joint meeting of the outgoing and incoming board members for the Ventura County Bar Association in December, Joe Strohman and I were discussing the fact that we were both past-Presidents of Barristers. He said he had recently looked at the plaque of the past-Presidents. He asked me if I knew where “Jill Ostern” was. I told him, “Yes. She’s standing right in front of you.” We both had a good laugh.

Jill L. Friedman, Myers, Widders, Gibson,
Jones & Schneider, Ventura

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