Film Reviews: Hugo, A Better Life, The Descendants, Point Blank, The Artist and Names of Love

By Bill Paterson


Who would have thought that the man who brought us “Taxi Driver”, “Raging Bull” and “Goodfellas” would favor us with a “family film?” But hats off to Martin Scorcese for “Hugo,” a warm hearted tale perfectly suited for the holiday season.

It is the late 1920s and young Hugo (Asa Butterfield) lives alone in the upper reaches of aParis train station (the present day Musee d’ Orsay). In his lonely aerie he tends the intricate workings of the stations’ massive clockworks. Forced to live by his wits, Hugo has two imperatives in life. The first is to avoid being captured and sent off to an orphanage by the ever watchful station inspector (Sasha Baron Cohen). The second is to reconstruct an “automaton,” a broken mechanical man which his father rescued years ago from a museum. Contained within its hundreds of cogs and gears is the key to Hugo’s future if only he can get it working again.

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