CALLING ALL TALENT! The Rubicon Theatre Company is producing a Variety/ Talent Show that utilizes the performing skills of The Ventura and Santa Barbara Bar Associations’ members. Tentatively called “Show of Justice”, this two-performance event will serve as a fundraiser for the worthy Rubicon and provide an exciting opportunity for the local legal community to get to know one another. Camaraderie outside of the courtroom! If you are curious but wonder “What do I have a talent for?” express your interest and your talent can be explored in a workshop. Write a monologue based on a noteworthy ‘court’ experience or do a scene from Michael Clayton, “A Time to Kill”, “The Verdict” or any one of your favorite legal dramas!

The planning has just begun. Rubicon Theatre Company member Joseph Fuqua is the “Show of Justice” director and is “Calling all Talent”! If you are interested in being a part of this production contact Joseph c/o

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