By Meghan Clark and Leslie McAdam

This is the true story of how two lawyers, Meghan Clark (MBC) and Leslie McAdam (LAM) ended up exhibiting their paintings at the Bench and Bar art show at the State Bar convention in Long Beach this year. All dates and times approximate.

 March 2011

 LAM: Meghan marches into my office, declaring that the wall paint in her office is “too” grey, and announces that she is going to decorate her office in a style inspired by a Creamsicle®. I utter an encouraging response like “uh-huh,” while drafting a complaint. [MBC: I don’t march anywhere. My legs are too short. And who doesn’t like Creamsicles®?]

 May 2011

 LAM: MBC brings to the office, one by one, large canvases that she has painted in Creamsicle® colors. This act begins an office debate about art, and whether or not something is art. Especially if it is done by a lawyer. Especially if the lawyer’s four-yearold helped paint. I think – MBC is brave. I could be brave too. Maybe I should bring in my paintings.

 July 2011

 LAM: MBC’s office now looks like a Creamsicle® Norwegian disco furnished by IKEA, complete with white shag rug. No “Shutter Island Grey” paint in sight.

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Meghan Clark is a partner and Leslie McAdams is an associate at Ferguson Case Orr Paterson LLP


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