CITATIONS Content Sought

No, this isn’t a dream. You don’t have to pinch yourself. All your wildest fantasies of writing about the Ventura County legal scene and all its glamour can be satisfied, right here on these very pages.

That’s right, CITATIONS wants you. At least, we want your content.

We want to read what you love to read. That means we want stories about interesting local cases. It means we want to hear cool things about Ventura County’s lawyers. Is someone pouring their energy into a new legal nonprofit? Tell us about it. Are new strategies for practicing law bubbling up right in our backyards? Write about it!

As should be evident, we also love history and local lore. Tell us about the “good ol’ days” of lawyering. Recount those tales you love to tell about your colleagues’ first cases. Find local legal legends and profile them.

Or get practical. Do you have a tip about local court procedure you think other lawyers might benefit from? Do you know about new legal procedures that a local lawyer has contributed to? Do you have resources written
by local lawyers that others might share? We’d love stories about all of these.

If you have a story idea or better yet, a full story, write it up and send it to For consistency’s sake and ease of formatting, please send articles as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect or Rich Text Format files [i.e. no pdfs]. Be sure to include a short (1- or 2-sentence bio) of yourself to accompany the story. We will provide more detailed style guides.

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