Ben E. Nordman Public Service Award Nominations

This award recognizes outstanding community contributions by a Ventura County lawyer through charitable and public services activities.  The Selection Committee will consider the nominee’s: creativity, leadership, dedication, tangible impact, and the significance of his or her activities to the entire community.  *click here to print nomination form*

PURPOSE: To recognize outstanding contributions made by a lawyer to his or her community by means of community, charitable, or other public service activities. By such recognition to publicize and encourage such activities by members of the legal profession.

ELIGIBILITY: Any member in good standing of the California bar whose public service activities, in the opinion of the Selection Committee, warrant favorable recognition and will serve to foster the purpose of the award. The members of the Selection Committee, including the ex officio secretary, shall not be eligible while they serve in that capacity.

AMOUNT OF AWARD: All, or any portion, of the annual earnings of the fund, at the discretion of the Selection Committee, shall be awarded annually; provided that the amount of the award shall never be less than $1,000. In determining the amount of the award the Selection Committee shall give consideration to the amount of the fund, the desirability of prolonging the life of the fund and the award, and the establishment of the fund. If, in any year, the earnings of the fund are less than $1,000, the Committee shall pay out so much of the capital of the fund as is required to provide an award of at least $1,000.

RECIPIENT SELECTION: At least two months prior to the date established for the annual award, the Selection Committee shall solicit nominations from the community at large in a manner determined by the Selection Committee to best identify persons eligible to become recipients. No less than one month prior to the date established for the annual award, the Selection Committee shall meet and shall select the recipient for that year. The recipient shall be selected from among those nominated including any persons nominated by members of the Selection Committee. The selection shall be made by a decision of the majority of the Selection Committee; provided that, if the ex officio secretary rules that the initial selection is not in keeping with the purpose of the fund, then a unanimous vote of the Selection Committee shall be required to overruled the ex officio secretary and to select the recipient for that year. Each member of the Selection Committee and the ex officio secretary must be present at the Selection Committee meeting in order to vote.

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