Barristers Corner

Salvation Army Self-Help Night

The Salvation Army’s Transitional Living Center provides housing for homeless families and services to help them become economically self-sufficient and get into permanent housing. Five Barristers participated in assisting about fifteen residents with completing forms and providing information about various issues, including family law, probate and criminal law. The people we helped were very, very happy, and so grateful for the assistance.

Kudos to Matt Purcell. This was his brainchild and he coordinated the entire thing. Special thanks to Caron Smith, who runs the family law self-help center at the Court. She has provided guidance and also worked with Matt to create the intake form, which not only made the evening run efficiently but also provides statistical information that can be used to make the program as successful as possible going forward. Lisa Lopez, the Clinical Director of the Transitional Living Center, was thrilled with the evening’s success. She offered to put the Barristers in touch with other local nonprofit agencies serving people who may benefit from Barristers Self-Help Nights.

Barristers Logo Design Contest

The Ventura County Barristers are awesome, but we have no easily usable logo that we can use on our flyers, banners and so on. We thought it was about time we had one. So we are launching a contest. The winning design is likely to appear all over the Internet, and all over the County; maybe even on someone as a tattoo. Send your submission to by June 3. Winner will get a free year membership to the VCBA!  Anyone can enter!

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