Mock Trial Volunteers – Thank you!

                                      We are sincerely grateful to the following judges, scorers and all others who 
                                              have volunteered their time to make this entire competition possible.

The following are participating as judges throughout the competition:  Rocky Baio, Jeffrey Bennett, Frederick Bysshe, Ellen Gay Conroy, Jay Johnson, JoAnn Johnson, Melinda Johnson, David Long, Roger Lund, Kevin McGee, Mike O’Brien, Vincent O’Neill, William Redmond, Henry Walsh, Ryan Wright, and David Worley.

The following attorneys are participating as scorers throughout the competition:  Julian Alwill, Miriam Arichea, Linda Ash, Paul Baelly, Midory Balderrama, Dan Barron, Robert Bayer, Carol Bjelland, Alberto Boada, Richard Bredlau, Winnie Cai, Brook Carroll, Laura Cola, Mickye Coyle, Carrie Cresante, Mitchell Davis, Barbara DiMeo, James Divine, James Farley, Richard Francis, Heywood Friedman, Kelton Lee Gibson, Richard Gilman, Chris Gray, Don Greenberg, Sharon Gronberg, Robert Guerra, William Hair, Richard Hanawalt, Mark Hancock, Thomas Hatchinson, Dean Hazard, Debra Herschman, Oliver Hess, Don Hurley, Dennis Jones, Anthony Khoury, Mi Kim, Kerry Kinney, Adrienne Miller, Cynthia Krause, David Kurtz, Edward Lacey, Gabriele Lashly, Richard Loftus, Stephanie Mahdavi, Patti Mann, Alta Manzo, Brad Marcus, Michael Martin, Ed Mstisoff, Mitch Mays, Jim McDermott, David McDuffie, Kevin McVerry, Rebeca Mendoza, Rob Miller, Michael Neary, Justin Noblin, Alison O’Neill, Deborah Perkins, Robert Peterson, Andrea Place, Jodi Prior, Jim Procter, Tim Quinn, Christine Renshaw, Steven Renshaw, David Ring, Gilbert Romero, David Romney, Thomas Roth, David Schneider, Ben Shuck, Gary Schumcher, Earl Schurmer, Susan Seemiller, David Shain, Kim Shean, Lisa Shyer, Richard Simon, William Slaughter, Kathi Smith, Jadyn Smith, Leroy Smith, Joes Steinfeld, Linda Stevenson, Joe Strohman, Joanne Sumalpong, Carolyn Tulberg, Larry Turner, Andy Viets, Joe Villasana, Nicolas Vrataric, Michael Walker, Eric Walts, John Whipple, Frank White, William Winfield, Steven Wohlgemuth, and Brian York.

The attorneys and judges serve our countyfrom various Law Firms, District Attorney’s office, Public Defender’s office, Ventura County Superior Court office, the Court of Appeal and many others…we thank you for your time, your energy and going the extra mile to support our students.

                                                     You make this the best County Competition in the State!

Please note: During the entire competition Spectator contact with team participants during a trial is not allowed.
The winning team advances to the California State Mock Trial Competition Held in Riverside March 25 – March 26, 2011.

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