Barristers Corner

On March 12, 2011, twelve Barristers participated in a Build Day for Habitat for Humanity. The build site was located in Piru, where the volunteers assisted in the construction of two homes that will soon be occupied by local low-income families. The future homeowners were there as well, helping to build their homes. (Pictured in the April issue of CITATONS page 16) The Barristers wish to thank Habitat for Humanity for their efforts in giving back to our community in such a meaningful way. The Habitat crew leaders were wonderful and everyone had a great time.

Turkeys, dunks, balls and competitions! Now that March Madness is over, start practicing bowling strikes for the Barristers Bowling Night on July 19 and shooting hoops for the Barristers/YMCA basketball tournament in October. Stay up to date on the activities of the Barristers by joining the facebook page or email list at

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