Q and A with the Hon. Roger L. Lund

By: Valerie Gregson

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Superior Court Judge Roger L. Lund and ask him a few questions. Here is a portion of that interview:

Valerie Gregson: Did you have any problem transitioning from probate and estate planning, your primary areas of expertise in private practice, to your present assignment in the Family Law
Department of the Simi Valley branch of the court?

Roger L. Lund: I actually find a great deal of similarity between the two areas of law. In both probate and family law, we deal with locating, identifying, characterizing and distributing property. The only major
difference is that in family court we deal with couples and in probate court we deal with heirs. I might add that we are not faced with the problems of child custody and domestic violence in probate court.

Valerie Gregson: Has that posed a difficulty for you?

Roger L. Lund: Actually, no. My first assignment as a commissioner was in Courtroom 34, where l presided over restraining orders and child support issues with a smattering of custody and visitation thrown in. In my
present assignment I deal with all aspects of divorce including restraining orders. To me, restraining orders are the spice of family law because I feel that I can really make a difference in people’s lives in their time of crisis. When I inquire about the effectiveness of the restraining order, in nine out of ten cases I am told that it effectively solved the problem. In a case where the problem is constant harassment through text messaging or phone calls, the restraining order provides a significant sense of relief for the victim.

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