President’s Poem

‘Twas mid-2007
Around half-past eleven,
On a regular weekday for me.

I sat at my desk–
Which looked like a mess–
About three years I’d been at A-Z.

A trust I was drafting,
Clever language I was crafting,
And Bleuel came in with a grin.

“The Bar had a meeting,
And your name, it was repeating,
If you want to be prez, you’re in!”

Of course I was flattered,
And getting involved –sure it mattered,
But did I have the talent and time?

There were many before me,
Who all made it seem easy,
So I told Bleuel, “Sure, that would be fine!”

My first year–Sec/Treasurer–
Came with a healthy and full measure,
Of all that I did not know.

Lots of people to meet
And faces to greet,
I sure had a long way to go!

There was a whole lot to learn,
Yet there at each turn,
Was Henderson and his trusty team.

I learned numbers confuse him,
So instead I took wisdom,
From Alice, Alex, Celene & Verna

Then it was 2009,
Strauss says, “Next year at this time,
Will be your turn to take over for me!”

The decade’s end drew near,
And with a small sense of fear,
I knew my year was upon me.

I had some goals in mind,
Like technology–the information kind,
So the website I planned to re-do.

What’s wrong with nepotism?
My husband, I’ll get him,
He said, “Sure honey, I will help you!”

The site now is done,
And with pics and blogs it is fun,
To see all we have done this year!,
That URL you can’t ignore,
So blog, and have good cheer!

With my board, we got crackin’,
‘Cuz there was no lacking,
Of meetings and agendas to map.

The months would fly by,
And I just couldn’t deny,
This year would be a snap!

My year, I was adoring,
And though I wouldn’t call it boring,
Excitement? Maybe I needed a nudge,

Then came an election,
And with it, the selection,
Of those who sought to be judge.

We have this committee,
Some call it “Jenny,”
But it’s really the JEC,

They rate all the names,
And never play games,
They have too much integrity.

Most times their views
Just do not make the news,
They work in relative quiet,

But this year was different,
This news–it was current,
And we stirred a bit of a riot!

“The Star’s on the phone,”
My secretary, she groaned.
“Put him through to voicemail!”

How does one talk to the press?
This could be a mess.
My first challenge–I could not fail!

So I called Linda Ash,
Who said, “We must dash,
To get all our points in order.”

So we worked many days,
And I’m no longer afraid,
To talk to any reporter!

Whew! Glad that is all done,
Now I’ll just have fun,
With all the regular stuff.

“My year’s back on track,
And I’ll never look back,”
I said, with a little huff.

Next thing I knew,
Another Citations is due!
My gosh, where does the time go?

Every day I run late,
I have such a full plate!
I never have time to slow.

“Are you up again early?”
My spouse–he isn’t surly–
But Ex Comm, it starts at 7:30.

“Yes, but coming home I will stop
And do a big grocery shop,
And then do laundry, ‘cuz it’s dirty.”

You see, life goes on daily,
And still I mainly,
Believe I’m a mother and wife.

I have daughters–Julia and Natalie–
And a big dog and a little kitty,
It’s truly a wonderful life!

But at times, hard to handle,
Only one end has my candle,
Such is a woman’s strife.

But I digress,
No more will I confess,
And just get back to my story.

This part isn’t funny,
It’s all about money,
And it gets a little gory.

2010 marked the time
We rubbed nickels and dimes,
And hoped they would turn into dollars.

Pro bono was hit hard.
“The program, we may discard!”
That’s what Henderson hollered.

So we all worked the phone,
And our fingers to the bone,
And I must give Light a hand.

VLSP is not gone,
It will carry on,
‘Cuz we raised about 50 grand!

So here I am in December,
And look back to remember
This year and all its revelations.

There’s a lot I’ve not said,
And it will stay in my head–
Not everything is for publication!

I now turn it over to Joe,
And I know he will show
You all what a good prez looks like.

My year, it was fun,
But now it is done,
So to you all, I bid Good Night!”

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