Local Conservatorship Rules Changed

Effective July 1, Ventura County Superior Court Local Rule 10.02 was changed to require the completion of a Conservatorship Care Plan. The change incorporates the requirements of Probate Code section 2352.5 and the General Plan (found under the old local rules) into one document.  The Conservatorship Care Plan is a local form (VN233). The Conservatorship Care Plan must be filed within 60 days after appointment, rather than the 90 days required under the old General Plan.  There is also a new mandatory Judicial Council Form for the Order Appointing Probate Conservator. The form is Attachment 29, Other Orders, and sets the dates the Conservatorship Care Plan, Inventory and Appraisal, First Account and Report and Petition for Its Settlement, and First Annual Status Report must all be filed.  The Attachment also calendars the hearing date for the First Account and Report and Petition for Its Settlement, as well as hearing dates for the other pleadings in the event they are not timely filed. This Attachment is also a local form (VN232).  Both local forms can be found at https://www.ventura.courts.ca.gov/localforms.htm.  For more information, please contact Cheri Kurman at ckurman@normandowler.com.

Chery Kurman, certified specialist in estate planning, probate & trust law and a partner at Ventura-based Norman Dowler.  Medi-Cal Eligibility Assistance.

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