Fee Arbitration Program Seeks Volunteers

The Lawyer Referral & Information Service is a program through the Ventura County Bar Association that serves as a conduit, connecting the public with qualified, experienced attorneys who specialize in particular areas of the law. Along with the LRIS, The Ventura County Bar Association also offers a Mandatory Fee Arbitration Program which is designed to resolve fee disputes between clients and attorneys. This program relies on volunteer arbitrators who donate their time to assist clients and attorneys in their fee disputes.

Once a request for fee arbitration has been received by the VCBA, an arbitrator who is an attorney, or a panel of three arbitrators are selected and assigned, (two attorney arbitrators and one lay arbitrator) to an arbitration and offer a unbiased view to the fee dispute.

A broad-based core group of attorneys are needed to complement our existing panel of arbitrators in problem solving fee disputes. Additionally, the VCBA is seeking to increase the number of lay persons who currently serve as arbitrators. Disputes in excess of $10,000 require a three-member panel, consisting of two attorneys and one lay person. Volunteer arbitrators are asked to serve as an arbitrator once per calendar year.

If you are interested in becoming an attorney arbitrator or a lay arbitrator please contact Alex at (805) 650-7599 ext. 15 or you can e-mail me at alex@vcba.org

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