Exec’s Dot…Dot..Dot… May 2010

On a March Madness Thursday eve, 25 brave Barristers (and Judge Glen Reiser) withstood the throngs of regulars at the Benchwarmer in Ventura to participate in the annual Barristers’ Dart Night. Kudos to DDA Taylor Waters and Melissa Waters for coordinating the affair, including the food fest. Jack Seal placed first, Taylor placed second, and John Fukasawa placed third. Christina Stokholm won the raffle and took home the dart board…Jay C. Gandhi was sworn in as a Magistrate Judge April 14 and will sit in LA. He will preside over matters arising from all three Divisions of the court. The Central District of California is the largest district in the nation and is comprised of the seven counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura. Judge Gandhi will be the first Indian-American federal judge in the Central District and only the second Indian American federal judge in the history of the United States. Judge Gandhi is 38…Nearly 50 lawyers and a smattering of judges attended the Women Lawyers of Ventura County Judicial Candidates Forum 4.9 at the bar offices. Judge Gay Conroy, DDA Ryan Wright, Lela Henke- Dobroth, and Robert Taylor all participated. Hats off to President Jodi Prior for arranging the gig…

After 20-plus years, Noel Klebaum announced his retirement from the County Counsel’s office April 6. Noel joined the County Counsel in 1989 after 10 years as a shareholder in the firm of Ferguson Regnier Paterson. Noel replaced Frank Sieh in April 2004 as the Head Honcho…And you think you’re old Department – Attorney Joe Aidlin, practicing in downtown LA, turned 100 in April and recently completed his 77th year of practice. Dude graduated from Boalt in ’33. “When I got out of law school I realized I wouldn’t be attractive to the established big firms’ because I was Jewish.” His State Bar #? 13923. Oldest active attorney in California. Take that, Eugene Radding, SB#21593…David Shain and Katie Pietrolungo attended Opening Day at Chavez Ravine (not together, mind you) and viewed the Blue smack 4…Did I neglect to inform you all who the new officers and board of VCTLA are? Jim Prosser, President; Deirdre Frank, VP; Brook Carroll, Treasurer; and Susan McCarthy, Secretary. The board includes Allen Ball, Jack Futoran, Bill Grewe, Greg Johnson, Dennis Jones, Matt LaVere, Becky McCarthy, David Shain, and Alan Templeman – www. vctla.org – and they continue to meet the 4th Tuesday of the month…

On April 6, Brian Vogel was certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization as specialist in Criminal Law… Meet Tasha Cantrell. The 19-year-old Floridian (of course) was riding in a car when the vehicle’s driver was pulled over and arrested for DUI. As a tow truck arrived to remove her friend’s car, a stranded Cantrell asked Okaloosa County Sheriff ’s Office Deputy Mitchell Landis for a ride home. Landis agreed, but only after checking Cantrell’s purse for any contraband. While chauffeuring Cantrell, Landis heard the teenager open “a can of some sort” in the back of the cruiser. Landis stopped his car and, upon further investigation, determined that Cantrell had popped open a can of Steel Reserve, a malt liquor known for its high alcohol content. She was arrested for underage drinking…Farley & Cassey, A Law Partnership, has merged with Schwartz & Powell, A Law Partnership, as of April 1, to become Farley Cassy Schwartz & Powell. They are located at 1280 S. Victoria, Suite 125, and the phone # is 642.0392…

On March 23, David Cunningham attended the Porsche Driving School in Birmingham, Alabama. The select class spent a full day driving new Porsches on various auto cross courses, a skid pad, and ultimately on the 2.8 miles racetrack itself. They drove Carrera S 911 vehicles and followed the ever-increasing pace of the Instructor. Got to drive the new four door Panamera too…The State Bar is seeking active members of the State Bar, former members of the judiciary, and members of the public who are interested in volunteering to serve on the 2011 Commission on Judicial Nominees Evaluation (JNE Commission). Information on the commission, time commitment and the application are available from www.calbar. ca.gov or from the the State Bar’s Appointments Office: 415.538.2318. Application is due June 1…On May 2, Al Vargas completed his 11th musical production run in 30 months with The World Goes Round at Ventura College. This is the same guy who completed 10 marathons in 12 months in ‘06-’07…New Zealand? Fred Tschopp at bigbearsix@aol.com

Got Hoops? Mike Velthoen, Dan Palay, Stuart Nielson, Ari Karakalos, Doug Goldwater, Matt LaVere, and Paul Huff play at VHS on Sunday mornings around 10ish. mvelthoen@ fcoplaw.com…An Arkadelphia mother is charged with harassment for making entries on her son’s Facebook page. Denise New’s 16 year-old son filed charges against her in March after he claims she posted slanderous entries about him on the social networking site. New says she was just trying to monitor what he was posting. Mom remains in shock after her son slapped her with the charge of harassment. In a document from the Clark County prosecutor, he alleges she hacked his account, changed his password and posted things that involved slander about his personal life. New’s son lives with his grandmother who has custodial rights (go figure). Next court date is May 12…Georgianna Pennington-Regnier started a business with her daughter called “the pure pantry” selling gluten free food. www.the purepantry.com

Susan McCarthy rode the Solvang Half-Century while Erik Feingold and Commissioner Mark Borrell biked the Century March 13. The ride is sponsored by SCOR, an incorporated non-profit recreational bicycling club. SCOR stands for Specialized Coronary Outpatient Rehabilitation. SCOR members promote safe cycling and emphasize the health benefits of cycling. More info? (562) 690.9693 or www.bikescor.com… Try this! Ben Schuck donated $25 to the vcba/vlsp, inc. in honor of President Kendall VanConas’ BD last month…Remember last month when I opined on Sheriff Baca letting inmates out early while lawyer Richard Fine remained in jail because of contempt of court charges. What I did not research well was the fact that the Court’s attorney on the case is our very own Kevin McCormick…Duane Dammeyer retired on March 26 and the Supes replaced him by appointing Steve Lipson effective April 13. Duane has been The Man since March ’08 and was the assistant for 18 years. Steve started in’86. BTW – Ken Clayman has taken the Interim PD gig in Solano County ‘til August give-or-take. (707) 784.6724 or kiclayman@ solanocounty.com

Steve Henderson has been the executive director and chief executive officer of the bar association and its affiliated organization since November 1990. Henderson likes the Yankees’ chances again this year and dreads his Dodger season tix. He may be contacted at steve@vcba.org, Twitter at stevehendo1, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Preferably, however, 650.7599.

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Steve Henderson has been the executive director and chief executive office of the bar association and its affiliated organizations since November 1990. His 40th birthday is the 20th of the month and he will be vacationing this month with Rep. Todd Akin. BD gifts may be made payable to vcba/vlsp, inc. or small quantities of Red Stripe or Tecate. Henderson may be reached at steve@vcba.org, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter at stevehendo1or vcba1, or better yet, 650.7599.